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A simple instruction to abstract games, Batik from Gigamic and designed by Kris Burn of GIPF fame is a simple, wooden, puzzle, which our littlest learners can pick up and play in seconds.


Ganymede is a race wrapped up in worker placement, bundled up in resource management. A pacey, spacey, euro game where you are trying to be the first to embark upon intergalactic space exploration.


In case you haven’t played any others in the KOSMOS range (which I understand is going through a bit of a re-launch at the moment), Ubongo means “brains” in Swahili. And, just like its bigger siblings, you will need to set your mind to the tasks at hand if you are going to win!

Using a double-sided deck of cards, you are tasked with filling in your randomly selected grid using the 8 small polyomino tiles at your disposal.  A new puzzle card is distributed to each player every round with eight rounds making up a full game. But, each grid only has room for 3 (Set A) or 4 (Set B) tiles in total. So it is down to you to tessellate and test until you can fit them in exactly without overlapping or leaving any individual squares exposed. 


Publisher:  Aporta GamesDesigner: Kristian Amundsen Østby and Eilif Svensson Artist: Release date: 2020 1 – 6 Players Age: 10+ 15/20  mins *Fast * Fun * Flip and Fill * Network Connections * Replayable * Accessible * Versatile * Exploring uncharted islands armed with only a deck of cards and a trusty pencil? Sounds like my […]