Hello there!

Thanks for dropping by.

This site is my digital escape and I hope it will be part of yours too.

I have read enough “about me” sections on dazzling websites to know that this is where I reveal that I shot out of the womb with a [insert desired hobby related equipment – tennis racquet, paddle, telescope…..you get the idea] in my hand. Or that I grew up surrounded by like minded people who nurtured and encouraged me to develop my passion for [koi fish, extreme ironing, or hikaro dorodango – yep, polishing dirt is a thing – again, delete as appropriate] into a full blown hob-session.

But I can’t because I didn’t.

But I can tell you that I LOVE board gaming and everything about our hobby. Being part of our amazing community has given me the most unexpected and wonderful opportunities to get involved and share what I am learning and enjoying.

So, this is a site where I get to share my writing, my gaming, and my experiences with you. I write from the perspective of an anxious, enthusiastic, busy gamer because, quite frankly, I know no other.

On here, therefore, you’ll find a mixture of game reviews, features, interviews, videos, and photos. Some relate to specific board games, others to our community and industry in general. And those which don’t fit in to either category? Well, they are just my muddled meandering musings on whatever is in my head at the time – you have been warned! 

Before I leave you, I am required to mention that nearly all the games I review on here have found their way into my collection through a long and enjoyable combination of borderline-obsessive boardgamegeek forum searching, stock exchange worthy price-hunting, and precious savings. Where I have been given a copy of a game, however, I will be sure to let you know.

My thoughts and opinions are no less candid for the kind and generous game gifts, but I have to let you know because IT IS THE LAW!

If you have got this far down then I am incredibly lucky that you have taken time out to be here. On the rest of the site, I hope you find a new game to try or something that resonates with your own gaming and life experiences. Failing that, maybe it will just reassure you that things could be worse……..you could be me! haha

Take care and remember; live life one game at a time!



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