We are on the hunt for 101 book titles in Big Potato Games’ latest epic jigsaw puzzle game, Mayhem in the Library!

“Shhhhhhh! No talking in the library!”. Well, someone obviously didn’t get that memo because this library is in total MAYHEM!

Yes, folks, the lovely team at Big Potato Games have done it again, and the 3rd instalment in their excellent Puzzle Game series, Mayhem in the Library, has just been published!

Following in the footsteps of Night at the Movies and Day at the Festival, this box of puzzly pleasure is another jigsaw with a difference!

Guzzle that Puzzame!  

Now, 1,000 pieces of crazy colourful fun is where this guzzle begins. But that’s not the end of the matter. Like a book that you just can’t put down, the first half of this puzzame ends on a cliffhanger……. Once you have recreated the picture, you then get to hunt amongst the detailed image to find 101 famous book titles!

Grabbing the handy paper chart, you set about decrypting the characters and scenarios to reveal books from a whole world of genres and ages! From children’s classics to modern greats, the hunt is on for the protagonists you know and love, as well as some you don’t after this puzzle gets under your skin!  And if the books are just too well camouflaged amongst the crazy scene, you can always use the QR code to get a few hints to keep your eyes pointing firmly at the puzzle!

Shelf of Shame!

I thought I was relatively well read. I studied English Literature at A Level, spent many years commuting into London with a trusty tome, and have a Kindle by my bed for as long as Kindles have been around. Plus, with bedtime routines having included reading stories to our son for 7 years, I wasn’t worried about the next chapter in this puzzame!

Well, friends, I should have been! I glanced across the orange, red, and umber hues of the finished picture and spotted far fewer than I was expecting! A shameful first effort on my part! I can’t reveal too many spoilers, but I definitely saw a Tiger enjoying some afternoon goodies, and a rather vain Alice. Not to mention a sportsman playing baseball amongst the rye, and a rather large whale. After that though, it was time to draft in the big guns; husband, son, and next door neighbours!

I would say the box suggests you solve as you go along. We didn’t listen last time, and we followed the same well-trodden, ill-advised path again! Whether I can use this as an excuse for my abysmal first attempt at book hunting is unlikely. But there is definitely something motivational about seeing the first stage complete – makes it feel like my solver’s slouch has been worth it! Haha

Book Club!

Between the 5 of us, we stared, pursed, pointed, facepalmed, and celebrated our way to 101 book titles! From ages 7 to 77, we went into that library and maxed out on our borrowing limits. It’s designed as an adult puzzle. But believe me the keen and curious mind of our @minimeeple was a blessing! And that’s what’s so good about this series of puzzle games. As well as the fun of being able to solve the jigsaw itself, you can really settle into the riddle solving, either on your own or as a team effort! Just like Day at the Festival and Night at the Movies, Mayhem in the Library has been an opportunity in our house to get friends and family from across the generations working together on something. Chatting over a coffee and adding a piece here and there. Around the table after dinner, seeking out sneaky titles with fresh eyes. But you could absolutely set yourself the challenge to complete free from (often!) questionable suggestions!

Pretty Pieces!

Like the other two guzzles in the series, these aren’t just your standard puzzle piece shapes. There are some that look like they should go in one way, but in fact they’re doing something different with the usual connectivity. And we really like that. They’re also sturdy, and we found none with fluffy edges.

Similarly, the artwork and attention to detail in this puzzle is top-notch. If I didn’t want the chance to build the puzzle again on my own sometime, I would have already framed it and hung it on the wall. I am going to display all 3 eventually because that is essentially what they are; works of art that happen to be jigsaws. And this one draws you in without you even realising! Plus, with so much detail included, there are no vexing “big blue sky” sections or blocks of colour that can otherwise slow progress in a puzzle. Each piece has its best buddies, and the links are there for the spotting!

And Mayhem in the Library definitely has its own shade compared to the others. Night at the Movies was all about the blues, pinks, and purples. Day at the Festival was more greens and yellows. And this one is filled to the brim with coppers, reds, and oranges. The flashes of blue helped with the solving for sure, but the subtle mix of warm colours made for a fun and enjoyable puzzle!

Green Gaming!

I have said it before, but it is always worth saying it again. Big Potato Games are easily one of the shining examples of industry best practice when it comes to environmentally conscious production. The lack of plastic is really encouraging – no shrink-wrap, no baggies, no excess. Just a box, a paper bag, a paper chart, and of course a gorgeous jigsaw! 


Literary Award!

We really enjoyed puzzling out the 101 riddles in Mayhem in the Library. It’s not just another puzzle; it has some special solver’s sauce that we really enjoy. Granted, I am still scratching my head over some of the titles our neighbours found (even with the handy black and white image guide!), but it wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy. Plus it has inspired me to go and check them out next time I take our son to the library!

Ultimately, if you like jigsaws that level up the challenge, then you should definitely check out Mayhem in the Library (along with Night at the Movies and Day at the Festival!)

Please note that a copy of this game was kindly provided by the publishers for review. I am not paid for my comments, however, and all opinions are my own. I am also not affiliated to or sponsored by any retail store.