We are deciphering and decoding a mysterious message left by a missing agent in this brilliant save-the-cosmos themed game by The Mystery Agency!

SPOILER ALERT: This is a mystery escape type game so we can’t really tell you what we did but we can definitely tell you whether we enjoyed playing it…..and we definitely did!

We haven’t played the first three games in this mystery series but we had a blast playing Henry Lewis’ fourth instalment so we are super keen to hunt down the other 3 now!

Using a combination of observation, real objects inside the box and website interaction, we were trying to save the cosmos after finding a mysterious file and message left by a missing agent!

And with the top-tier components inside this game – the folder even has real padlocks! – we actually felt like we were saving the world and beyond!

We were hoping for a good yarn when we opened the box and saw the newspaper and the official folder, but we were fully engaged from start to finish and went through the entire scenario together in one session.

The folder contains really cool items including pens and a cipher wheel (which is chonky-tastic and I couldn’t stop holding it!) and I have already thought of plenty of uses for the super sturdy folder now we have worked through the puzzles and riddles…..but because we can completely reset the game afterwards (as we didn’t write on anything) we can pass it to friends or family so I probably won’t be allowed to keep it haha

We found the mix of riddles and puzzles really fun – there is a great variety of challenges (we needed just 1 or 2 hints) and the use of the internet felt really well integrated into the mystery scenario – we have played some escape type games which rely too much on the web or it feels pasted in – but this felt necessary and relevant to the storyline.

We really enjoyed sharing this experience just between the two of us (although it does play 1-6, age 12+) – with our son in bed, playing over (and after dinner) playing THE MAN FROM SECTOR SIX felt like a very special grown up #gamenightdatenight

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