TaiwanBGDesign are heading to Essen 2022 to showcase board games from a host of Taiwan based board game publishers!

TaiwanBGDesign are heading to Essen and taking a whole heap of games with them! From publishers like Big Fun, Poki Designs, and Wonderful World Board Gmes, we have been sampling some unique and fun titles from Taiwan, and soon you can too! From their booth at the show (4G112) or online, TaiwanBGDesign have a catalogue bursting with gaming options! And here is a round up of a few that we have had a chance to try!

Colorful Treasure

Colorful Treasure is a memory, set collection game by Poki Designs for 2-4 players age 6+ which has a thieving twist! Flip cards to reveal matching gems, and they’re yours for the taking. Find a diamond and that’s even better! Reveal and chest or a key and you walk away with nothing sparkly that turn.  But as soon as you have a pair of chest and key tokens, you can steal a gem card or diamond token from an opponent and turn their colorful victory on the path to defeat!

Majolica Painting

Majolica Painting is a flip and fill for 1-8 players age 8+ that will make your table as pretty as a picture! Flipping cards and colouring in a series of 4 square polyomino shapes on your sheet, the beautiful trick is that each majolica tile can be filled in twice. And that means twice as many chances to create colourful chains worth points at end game! Part colouring book, part game, Majolica Painting is flipping full of colour!

Touch It!

Touch it from Wonderful World Games is a tactile challenge for 2 – 6 players age 6+! With 3 different sets of gorgeous illustrations available, the game play is the same whether you choose cute animals or cool icons ; can you identify the shape on the reverse of the card by feeling the raised surface? With 4 options to choose from on the front of each card, you’ll be feeling and puzzling your way through this series of fast little filler games!

Three Little Wolves

Three Little Wolves turns the old tale of the poor piggies on its head! This time, the Big Bad Pig is in charge and he learnt a few building tricks along the way! This set collecting game for 2-4 players age 8+ will have you drafting and laying cards to build 3 houses. But only the tallest of each colour will score. If that’s not going to be yours, you’d better send out your wolves to go steal points by profiting from other players’ hard graft!

T Rex’s Holiday

T Rex’s holiday is a super sassy, fun little roll and write for 2-8 players age 8+ featuring some very cute but naughty kitties indeed! With their owner out of the house at work, these cats have been causing chaos! Rolling and writing 3 numbers onto your home sheet each turn, the claws come out when it’s time to place the special T Rex die – that is rolled and chosen by the active player in secret and can only be placed on certain sections of your sheet. With restrictions on number adjacency all over the house, this is a game of delightful dilemmas. Oh, and never underestimate the power of a fish biscuit!  

U Bike Tours: Taiwan

U Bike Tours; Taiwan from Big Fun Games is a super tableau building, push your luck, hand management game for 2-8 players age 8+ There are lots of places to visit in Northern Taiwan, but some are far away. So, collect and manage your bike resources to reach the best ones before your 9 card journey comes to an end. Choosing between drafting and selecting cards, as well as bonus opportunities to collect along the way, U Bike Tours; Taiwan made us want to get on our bike and see the sights!

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable Stock (formerly Small Farmers) is a super light, fun, fast filler with a satisfying flavour for 2-6 players age 8+! With only 6 rounds to manipulate the prices of vegetables in the market, will your hand hit those sweet highs, or will you be left with a bitter taste in your mouth? Draft cards wisely, and always keep one eye on what your opponents are filling their vegetable carts with!

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And for those who won’t be making it to Essen this year, you can order these games directly from TaiwanBGDesign’s website here

Please note that copies of these games were kindly provided by the publishers for review. I am not paid for my comments, however, and all opinions are my own. I am also not affiliated to or sponsored by any retail store.