Origame are bringing a unique and delicious flavour of Singapore to Germany this month with their collection of fun, family games! Check out this list of some of the tasty treats in store at booth 4F103!

Get ready Europe! Origame are on their way to Essen, and they are bringing a host of brilliant family focused modern Asian board games with them! From Alphabet eating aliens to wok fulls of delicious sounding noodle dishes, this publisher has something to tickle every player’s tabletop taste buds! Even the stinky durian fruit gets a gaming makeover by talented designer Daryl Chow! Bringing a little piece of Singapore to our game days and nights, below is a quick round up of some of the games hitting their booth (4F103) next week!

Alphabeasts Attack!

Alphabeasts Attack! is a co-operative game for 2-5 players ages 7+ where you work together to make words using the letters in your hands as well as those in the common playing area. Only by using the letters available can you defeat the Alphabeasts and Alphabosses and harvest their brains! But watch out! Those Alphabeasts bite back and can cause damage unless you’ve got the tools and the tactics to thwart them!

Buffet Boss!

Buffet Boss is a lovely, light dexterity, stacking game mixed with card drafting for 1-5 players, ages 6+ coming to Kickstarter this month! Using 1 hand, you must fill your plate with yummy treats to get the most points by end game! The crazier the shape to stack, the more points that food is worth! But don’t forget to please your special customers for bonus points!

Durian Dash!

Durian Dash is a strategy card game for 2 – 6 players age 8+ with a neat perspective mechanic. In the game, you visit different plantations collecting up the durians you love to hate! And what you collect depends upon which angle you’re facing! Collecting the sweet stinkers and discarding the rotters, it’s up to you to decide whether you pick what you want or spoil your opponent’s chances of winning and becoming the durian King!

Kopi King!

Kopi King is light, gorgeously illustrated, set collection card game for 1-6 players ,ages 6+ all about trying to making delicious Asian speciality soft drinks! To make your orders you must grab the necessary ingredients from the pile before your fellow baristas! With real- time pressure on to find the tasty morsels that are hiding in a crazy card heap, this game is a twist on the usual neat stack set collectors!


Plantopia is a set collecting, hand management card game for 1-5 players with some of the best plant puns in gaming! You’ve got to get your green fingers growing a blooming tableau as well as battle the elements to become Plantopia’s Champion Gardener. And you can only do that by planting the best combos to earn the most magical leaves With baby plants granting immediate powers and Treevolved plants locking down scoring combos, it’s a game of delightful decisions and balancing blooms! But whatever you plant, you’ll be sure to have a different garden every time you play!

Rainforest City!

Rainforest City is a fun, card laying game for 1 – 4 players ages 8+ focussing on the flora and fauna in Singapore. Building your own landscapes, you must create different habitats that are capable of supporting different species. But, as well as a home, they also need food to survive. Can you create food chains to sustain them? Rainforest City is a fun, strategic, puzzly territory building game with solo and co-op modes. It also features a novel turn-dial mechanism that determines what you can make use of each turn! Feed your species and you’ll get points. Achieve the bonus scoring objectives and you’ll gain even more!

Reef Rescue!

Reef Rescue is a beautiful little memory, push your luck small box game with a very big important message! Stop dumping rubbish in our beautiful oceans or else the wonderful underwater species won’t survive! As oceanographers, you each have 4 powers to use to select tiles. But you can only choose from 2 each turn, and the power you use determines what (if any) species you can rescue! And if you spot any garbage, you might not be able to save any at all! Beautifully illustrated, high quality, easy to learn, and fun to play, this is a little game with a big ecosystem issue at its heart. It is also an excellent title in Origame’s forthcoming small box range!

Wok and Roll (with Korean Wave Expansion)!

Wok and Roll is a wonderful roll and write game for 1 – 5 players ages 10+ about creating delicious Asian dishes featuring some of the cutest dice in the hobby! With so many ingredients on the menu and moreish combos for gaining more tasty morsels every turn, the only sour note will be your active opponent who keeps the prized red die for themselves! With simple and expert menus, you’ll be shouting “SHRIMP SHRIMP NOODLE” whenever you fancy a taste of Singapore! Plus, with the Korean wave expansion, there are even more flavours, powers, and combos to gobble up on your game nights!

To make your mouth water even more before hitting booth 4F103, check out Cardboard East’s video round up of Origame’s titles heading to Essen by following this link

And for those who won’t be making it to Essen this year, you can order these games directly from Origame’s website here

Please note that copies of these games were kindly provided by the publishers for review. I am not paid for my comments, however, and all opinions are my own. I am also not affiliated to or sponsored by any retail store.