We are finding out just how weird and wonderful we all are in the party game, How Am I Weird, by Weird Games!

How Am I Weird is a party game for 3 – 10 players.

The rules are simple and set up takes about 30 seconds; one player is nominated the Big Weird Chief and they draw a Life Card from the yellow deck – this event or situation then gets read aloud. Other players draw 8 blue Comeback Cards and a Weirdo Card. Choosing either the pre-printed response on a Comeback Card (or creating their own using a Weirdo Card) the challenge in this game is to provide their weirdest, funniest response for approval by the Big Weird Chief. Whichever response they prefer wins the point for that round. The game continues until everyone decides they have heard enough weird and wonderful answers, and at that moment, the player with the most points wins.

The Life cards (100 in the base box) range from fairly tame (e.g. “What do you do when nobody’s watching?”) to the crazy (e.g. “In the gym your Personal Trainer collects your sweat in a bottle and begins sipping it”). Similarly, the Comeback Cards (390 in the base box) go from responses you could easily imagine yourself doing (“Sing “Aint no mountain high enough”) to more way-out-there replies (“stick two hot dogs up your nose”)! And if you don’t think any of the 8 options you have are quite wild enough, you can always play your Weirdo Card and make one up entirely from scratch!

Game or Social Experiment?

Like other games for larger groups which focus on insight and showing just how uniquely (or similarly) our brains, well….work (think Herd Mentality, Just One etc.), How Am I Weird probes the dark and dangerous corners of our minds, not to mention our imaginations. It exposes the random ways we think and then reveals them to a room full of people for comedic effect.

And that can be great fun in the company of a big group of people you know. It can also be a good way to get to know people you know nothing about. Training events and work functions can be hollow and soulless experiences; as dry as the bread in the sandwiches curling up on the complimentary corporate buffet table. But inject some get-to-know-you game action like How Am I Weird, and that ice is broken!

Admittedly, as a small family of 3 (two adults and one almost 9 year old), we aren’t the target audience for games like How Am I Weird. But when grandparents, siblings, and other relations and friends descend upon us for get-togethers, How Am I Weird shines bright. It confirms some of the things we suspected all along; from his answers, someone definitely needs to keep an eye on cousin Craig when he is out in public haha!

More Weird!

If the original box of Life events and Comebacks aren’t enough, the expanded square edition contains 300 new cards and can be played either as a stand-alone game or as an addition to the standard version of How Am I Weird. It actually won the UKGE People’s Choice Party Game Award in 2023, which just goes to show that there must be a whole bunch of happy Weirdos out there! haha

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