When does a quiz give you all the answers? When it’s a terrific technicolour Colour Brain quiz by Big Potato!

Publisher: Big Potato
Tristan Williams

Artist: Zoe Lee

Release date: 2017

2-12 Players

Age: 8+

30 mins

I am not good a quiz games. Under the pressure to perform, my mind goes blank, my eyes sweat, and every single fact I have ever known disappears down a black hole. As such, a quiz game that actually gives out the answers should be a solution to my problem, right? Well, that’s what I thought too. But it turns out, it just makes my brain fart rainbows instead of the usual blanks haha! And strangely, knowing that I should know the answers (as I am literally holding them in my hand) makes Colour Brain even more frustratingly fun!


Here, have the answers!

Every player (or team depending on how many people are playing) has an identical set of 11 colour cards (and straight off the bat, the designer and Big Potato get bonus points for accessibility as these cards have unique patterns as well as the colour written on each of them) as well as a Colour Capture Card.

Question cards are slotted into the 3D card holder, and each turn a player reveals a new question card. The question can be seen through the clear window, and the number of colours you need to correctly answer is show in the black panel above. Then everybody races to lay face down the colour cards they think correctly answer the question. The first player/team to lay shouts “COLOUR BRAIN” and then everybody else has 10 seconds to pick their answer!


Pretty Points!

If you are the only player/team to get the answer right, you get a point. If others get it right, nobody scores that round! Once per game, you can also spring the Colour Capture Card on an opponent which temporarily removes that number of cards from their hand so they are left answering the next question with only what they have left! And the first player/team to reach 10 points is the winner!


I wish I had a Colour Brain!

Colour Brain is a fun twist on the usual quiz games. The scoring is also an effective way of creating a back-and-forth momentum rather than simply giving points to everyone who gets the answer right each round! Success in Colour Brain is definitely based on observational and recall skills, and I quickly realised how colour blind I seem to be going about my daily life! I mean, I have stared at the Google logo for years, but could I remember what colours it is? NOPE!


With 300 questions covering all sorts of topics, replayability value and opportunities for fun across the generational divides (we played a game with 7 year old @minimeeple who guessed mostly but still loved playing!) are high. The components are also really nice quality (Big Potato seem to be truly gold industry standard at minimising unnecessary plastic in favour of sustainable packaging wherever they can) and, in my humble opinion, a game with a multicolour pencil really deserves special mention for that fact alone! haha


Please note that a copy of this game was kindly provided by the publishers for review. I am not paid for my comments, however, and all opinions are my own. I am also not affiliated to or sponsored by any retail store.